Lora Rocke

Thank you for your interest!

My process starts with inspiration from, (usually) family photographs.

I create a drawing made up of a collage of these photos.

Each drawing is then enlarged to the proper size,

and used as a "pattern" to produce the pieces that will be appliquéd.

These appliqués are then stitched to the background,

and the portrait is quilted to create depth and dimension. 

On the following pages you will discover the portraits that I have created 

using only fabric and thread.

For Each of My Portraits, I use a palette of fabric and thread

to create a sense of the individual.

One Last Look


Catfish Stringer



 Night Owls       29"x45"    2017   

The BigCheese

28"x28 2017

Cat in the Cradle

  24"x36"    2017

Cousins on the Farm
28"x42"   2018

Portrait in fabric and thread

   Biggest Fan        17"x30    2018                      

I am a contemporary textile artist specializing in machine quilting, creating unique, one-of-a-kind portraits.

I love the challenge of capturing the “spirit” of the subjects I choose to depict in my work.

My stitched works range in size from small intimate portraits, to large scale pieces that include more than one figure, and have been shown in group and solo exhibitions across the United States and abroad.

I utilize a variety of different fabrics and, the dimensionality of multiple layers of free-motion quilting

adding to and enhancing each piece.
Oftentimes, when people see my work, they are surprised to discover that each portrait

was created wholly through the use of fabric and thread.
My use of a variety of fabrics and intense machine stitching gives me the opportunity to create portraits

that tell a story, evoke an emotion, or create a feeling of nostalgia.

My aim is to spark the imagination of the viewer.

To draw them in…and to create a desire for a closer look.

To have them wonder, who are or were these people 

and what is their story.....

Portraits in Fabric & Thread
Lora Rocke 2019